Saturday, July 26, 2014

Friday at the Aurora Fossil Museum

We spent most of Friday driving to, hanging out and heading back from the Aurora Fossil Museum. There are phosphate mines in the area and fossils galore come from the mining operations. The mine delivers a load of tailings every six months or so and part of the attraction is being able to find your own fossils going through the piles. The museum is small but they do have some informative exhibits focused on the geological periods the fossils from the mining area come from. And they have shark teeth - tons of them. If you decide to go to the museum, go the day after a good rain storm - the water washes away the fine, muddy silt and leaves behind the fossils so you can pick them out easier. La was a kid in a candy store - even spending more time once we got back to the trailer to find even smaller fossils we had overlooked earlier.

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