Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Handful of Flies

I got the urge to tie up some flies today. I especially wanted to tie an improved version of the "Bloody Guts". I used UV epoxy on all of the ones I tied today. This is a Black Crab on a size 6 Mustad 34001 hook - pretty much the same size as the fiddlers and marsh crabs I've seen on the salt marsh flats. This is a Yarn Legged Shrimp - I envisioned this from the last needlefish I caught that took the shrimp fly I was chucking. This should be easier on the needlefish. Maybe I can fool a flounder with this one also. Last but not least, I tied up these tiny flies on a size 16 barbless Gamakatsu hook - both are for the baby whiting and small pompano that swim in the surge line (where the waves wash up on the shore). The redhead is a general attractor and the orangebutt fly is a mole crab imitation. I want to cast these two with the Epic 480 that I built out.

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