Sunday, October 19, 2014

Fishing Report 10/18/2014

I took the Hooked SUP out to the Mayport Salt Marshes again - launched from the northern side of the bridges that crosses a feeder creek along A1A. That was a mistake - mid calf deep salt marsh mud from the high water mark down to a few feet into the creek. This side seemed more attractive because it had a less powdery dirt road to get to it, but now I know why (doesn't get as much traffic). I paddled down a different feeder creek than last time - took the left at the fork instead of the right and paddled toward the Wonderwood Bridge. There was a lot of flats-shallows-drainages-oyster beds along the way and I was able to use the terrain to pick a couple of good 'fishy' spots. I caught my first flounder on the fly!!!! This guy took the supreme hair shrimp fly I cast on the first shot out!!! That is one heck of a fly (I want to learn to tie them, but they look like a lot of work...). Not legal size so back in the water - with attitude - splashed a bunch of water back at me, almost as if to say "next time I'll kick your ass!" A bit later I found another spot that was downstream of a draining feeder creek. I threw a swimming Gulp mullet on a jighead and caught this nice spotted sea trout. Nice paddle, a 'first' on the fly and beautiful weather! I'm not complaining! The tackle I have been bringing out on these salt marsh trips impress me more and more each time I use them. The Epic 686 casting a full sink line and the St Croix Tidemaster are going to be hard to top.

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