Sunday, March 15, 2015

He'eia State Park and the Fish Pond

I spent Saturday morning volunteering at the fish pond at He'eia. This time we parked up at the State Park. Lots of chickens and cats hanging around. This cat in particular looked pretty relaxed (and had that look that says "what are you looking at bozo"). Got to cut down a bunch of mangrove trees again. This really is a great way to calm my racing mind - physically demanding (cutting roots with hand cutters) and mentally challenging (because to have to pick the spots to cut or you can strain some muscles). These koa canoes were being worked on up at the top of the bluff - really gorgeous wood work. If you want some satisfaction, go find a community service project that could use some help and that will challenge you and go volunteer your time. And maybe you can get so looks of annoyance from some chillin' cats!

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