Monday, March 30, 2015

Other Photos From Sunday

After flyfishing, I drove up to the North Shore to meet up with some old family friends - the Fosters! I first met them when I arrived on Oahu for the first time back over 21 years ago. And for old times sake, we met for lunch at Kua Aina up in Haleiwa! I had only been through Wailua since I've been back and not up all the way through Haleiwa and along the North Shore itself. Somethings like Kua Aina and Hawaii Surf and Sail (the surf shop next door to Kua Aina) haven't changed. This Dakine kids rash guard was really cool. Somethings changed radically - the parking at Lani's (Laniakea Surf Break) is way different, not sure why just yet. The traffic changed too - for the worst. I didn't bother going south, just went north on Kam Hwy and kept on going. I ended up in Kaneohe to work on the paddle again - next post.

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