Sunday, March 8, 2015

Real Good Day for Numbers

Lots of action out on the Hickam Flats - and I finally caved and fished with bait (cut squid). I caught seven papio - fun little guys, nothing to get an elevated heart rate over (although a bigger fish did test my knot tying skills and took off with a good sized piece of squid and a new lip ring). What do we have here???? Do you see the 'long' piece of the rock hanging out? That's no rock... small moray eel. First of two "Moana" that I caught today Another moray eel. Here is the second Moana. These guys are decent fighters. And the first Weke I have caught out here. This species in particular is said to cause the person that eats it to have hallucinations. I ate one back in DG not knowing the issue (and didn't have any nightmares), but this one was heavier (and I didn't feel like having uncontrolled hallucinations - or hallucinations in general) and I was in C&R mode today. It didn't like the fact that it got caught and was quite the flopper. So the lesson learned today - use bait and catch fish (stop being a lure snob).

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