Sunday, April 5, 2015

He'eia General Store

I finally made it to this place - the He'eia General Store at He'eia Pier. Yesterday, I brought another old friend - Mike Gabiga - over to try out the local food (he doesn't have a car, so it'd be a long bus ride to get here). The General Store has gotten somewhat of a cult following after getting some press from the mainland. It always has a crowd waiting and most days they sell out of whatever is on the menu (Mike ordered the Guava Chicken, but it had already sold out). I was lucky enough to get an order of Misoyaki Beef (so good!!!). And the mac salad was not guilt laden either - yet it was really good. The guy at the counter even picked up his fishing rod and made some casts for papio when the crowd back off - my kind of place!!!

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