Monday, July 20, 2015

Observation Time on the Flats (that's what I'm calling it because the catching sucked)

I fished the low tide on Hickam Flats on Sunday. I started out casting bait (ika strips) and caught a few good sized papio and another lizardfish (they must be getting active ahead of spawning season - whatever reason, I'm catching more lizardfish). I ran out of bait and the water was still low, so I transitioned to targeting the bonefish. I used a bucktail jig and practiced overshooting the fish, retrieving the lure into sight range of the fish, and waiting for a response. I got several of the bones to turn and take interest, but I think they were intimidated by the size of the 1/2 ounce jig. Most of the interactions took place less than 40' away - all within fly casting range. I had my 8 weight in the truck, but figured I'd just study the fish behavior and not try to hook one. These fish certainly are keeping fishing interesting (frustrating, obsessive - fill in an appropriate word here).

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