Monday, July 27, 2015

Ultimate Camouflage

After catching that bonefish on Saturday, I figured I'd try again on Sunday morning. Also the surf on the South Shore was huge and I didn't buy a new leash yet so no surfing made the fishing decision even easier. I setup the Epic 686 and lined it up with a RIO Perception 6wt line. I had also tied up another of the Mantis Shrimp flies and had that on. I think I'm going to call this fly the "Nom Nom Mantis" since several types of fish are taking it. This is quickly becoming the universal flats fly I was looking for. Seems like everything likes to eat mantis shrimp. I really like the Epic 686 - I can cast really nice loops without trying excessively hard. I can even tell when I've messed up the cast before I see the line pass me - I don't have that connection with every flyrod. I ended up catching only one fish - but what an unusual catch. A Hawaiian Stonefish. I had cast over an opening in the reef flat and thought I got hung up. I don't like yanking on hung up flies so I always end up walking over and unhooking them. As I reached down to unhook this fly, the fish let go of the rock it was clinging to and I was able to pull it up. Not a fighter at all - hardly even dead weight, but a rare catch on the fly. When I released the fish it dropped to the bottom and just disappeared. It's there, but I took the picture and I can't even find it anymore. It should be right in the center of the photos....

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