Friday, July 3, 2015

Wednesday Evening Catching

Wednesday after work I stopped by the fishing hole. This was supposed to be a dropping tide and a really high solunar activity period. I had a 1/12 ounce silver Kastmaster on the end of the line and these guys showed up to play tug. Really small lizardfish. Small barracuda. Handsome baby Giant Trevally - I actually caught another one of these the cast before, but it came off the hook near me. I got a good look at it before it got off and it had a wingman flying the pattern. I saw them headed off in a direction - I cast towards them and BAM! Back on the hook and I brought this one in. Did I say this was one handsome fish??? And the last fish of the day - a ubiquitous bluefin trevally. Can't leave without catching one of these! Great day on the flats!!!

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