Monday, August 31, 2015

Flyfishing on Saturday 8/29/2015

The low tide was around 10 am so I decided to get a later start than normal. Sleeping in on the weekends is a luxury that I have forgotten about. I decided to stick to fly fishing for o'io and lined up the Orvis Helios 8wt with a RIO Bonefish Quickshooter 8wt and tied on a lightly weighted "Spam and Eggs" fly. I got two bones to dig for my fly, but I tried to strip set to soon and ended up empty handed. There is nothing like that split second when you've got a big fish trying to eat your fly and you have to determine when to set the hook. I still have the shivers.... After that I tried to see if the papio would take on a yellow on white clouser I tied up. No takers. I called it after that as I had to spend some time at work. On the way in I checked the spots where I've seen the o'ama schooling up. Sure enough they were there in force. The water was not as clear as it usually is - with all the rain and runoff, it had a distinct 'brown' shading to it. That definitely shortened up the sight fishing - I couldn't see the fish so far out, and they couldn't see me up close either. Too bad I couldn't connect the dots... I also noticed the water has been getting a lot warmer - this coral head looks like it is expelling it's zoothanthelle... Nice day on the flat!

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