Friday, January 1, 2016

Crabs, Barnacles, and Snails/Man o' War Oh My

While we were waiting to snorkel, we caught two species of crabs (acropora crab and a ghost crab). We also noticed a bunch of man o' war jellyfish on the beach. Upon closer examination, we saw purple bubble blower snails on the beach also (last time I saw these shells was back in Diego Garcia). La and I were discussing the presence of the jellyfish and the mollusk and the relationship they have - and I actually can't remember. I think I ended up saying the snail eats the jellyfish. I do know the snail blows bubbles to stay near the surface and ride the same winds that the jellyfish use. I look these up in more detail later. And last but certainly not least, Marley - the buoy head pirate!!! Complete with barnacle hair.

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