Sunday, September 4, 2016

A Little Afternoon Surfing

Noe and I had worked all morning on Saturday to glaze up over 35 pots. Hopefully those turn out well, but that's for another post on another blog (checkout The Succulent and Pottery Compulsion). We got back and I took Marlon surfing. Noe wanted to come also (because I told her if she earned 10 surfing points, she could get $5 added to her allowance - I have to bribe this one to go surfing, but it is working). Noe is fearless when she is with Marlon - We got there and the tide was swollen and the waves were muted out because of that. But we still had fun. Or maybe I still had fun - Marlon wanted to try out the shortboard we got him last Christmas - but the waves weren't cooperating and I could tell he was a bit frustrated. I had the aircraft carrier out so I was able to catch a couple of waves. Here's a shaka for you - It would have been better if there were more sizable waves, but the time spent together in the water was all I could ask for!

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