Saturday, January 21, 2017

No Skunk on a Stormy Saturday

I took Marlon out to the flats this morning. We dismantled our experimental tank and wanted to return the rocks, sand and occupants back to where we borrowed them from, but since we were there... I took a spinning rod and a pocketful of ika (squid cut into strips). I brought this fat hawkfish to hand. I actually had hooked this fish just a few minutes before, but it swung the leader under the reef ledge and cut me off. The second time I hooked it, I got it to hand it still had the other hook and leader in it's mouth!!! Marlon opted to just observe today and armed with a tako box, he did just that. He saw tons of Convict Tangs (manini), baby long spined sea urchins (vana), a type of fish we are still trying to identify, and the prize sighting... an octopus (he'e)!!! I did get another bite later in the session. It took the bait and started a screaming run and kicked up a rooster tail - I stopped to set the hook, but it didn't take and the fish spit the hook... I've said it before and I'll say it again - there is something primal in listening to a reel peeling drag... that sound is awesome!!!! Most likely a barracuda (kaku) - it even shredded my small wire leader a bit. We packed it up when the wind and rain started to come down on us. Great day on the flat!!!

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