Saturday, January 14, 2017

Spending the Day in Kailua and Heeia

So while the kids were learning racing and seamanship tactics, I got in some fishing on the Marine Base. First at the Fuel Pier - I didn't get any bites, but the water was really clear and I did take a few shots at a huge Aha (Crocodile Needlefish). Pulling away from the Marina, I saw this Hobie tucked away in the corner (nice boat). Then at the upper beach at Fort Hase. I didn't catch anything at this spot either. Afterwards I picked up La and we checked out the usual haunts in Kailua. Here is Starboard's SUP foil - pretty big foil compared to the kiting foils - different loads, different surface areas. And Kailua General Store moved over to the main drag through town. Their new digs are cool (but parking is harder than their old location). so we could get a bite to eat at Heeia Pier. Yummy lau lau plate and poke. The inside of the Heeia Pier Shop is really cool - they even had their modified Big Green Eggs out on display (I'm going to have to look into these chimneys). We saw some squid (larger than the last time we visited this spot), a scrawled filefish (smaller one) and a ton of other reef fish. After lunch, I took La back to the clinic and headed out get some errands done (like getting a new tip for the kite rod - that's another post).

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