Wednesday, March 1, 2017

New (to me) Flyrod!!!

I recently traded a C Barclay 7105 (3 piece fiberglass 5 weight fly rod) to Chris Barclay for a Seele 8wt Salz (2 piece fiberglass fly rod) and the USPS delivered it today. I lined it up with a Scientific Anglers 8 wt line and gave it a whirl. It was pretty wet outside and another band of clouds was moving in, so I didn't get to break out the other rods I normally use for comparison - but from what I can recall, this rod seems to have just a hair less backbone than the Epic 888, but it may be just a little "crisper" than the Epic. I really did like the Barclay 7105, but living on Oahu has ruined my mid-weight fly game (and I don't use my ultralight stuff either - but I'll never let go of my ultralight rods - just way too much fun), so better to let the rod get sold to someone who'll use it and get me another tool for the salt. Thanks for the trade Chris!!!

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