Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Camera Clamp Trials

I've actually been longboarding a fair bit the past few weeks, but I haven't been carrying a camera.  I really don't want to stick a permanent mount on the board - a few sessions of those shots and I'll never use the mount again.  GoPro sells a clamp that has a lot of versatility, but it's $50.  I've got bunches of clamps and stems hanging around from over endeavors (kayak and SUP fishing mostly), so here is the basic setup.

This will definitely need a good rinse and some WD40 after surfing, but at least it'll start going out more.  I'm also going to get a float for the camera and cut up a pool noodle for the stem in case the assembly gets knocked off.  I may also try out the bigger clamp first... now I feel like going surfing!!!

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