Friday, November 23, 2018

Back at it - Top Laminate on

I had to work today - long hours and after that Marlon and I went to pick up the new board and foil.  After all that, we did get home in time to get more work done on the foil boards (even more important now that there is another foil in the house).  First off - I actually placed another coat of spackle to fill in a few dings I placed in the blanks while getting the reinforcement blocks installed - I had done that a few nights ago, and only now got around to sanding the new bumps down.

Then the real progress - I got the top laminates on both boards.  I used a 4/5ths coverage of 4 ounce glass and a full length of 6 ounce glass.  Used more epoxy than I thought I would need (but didn't weight the cloth either - too lazy to reset it after I laid it down and cut it to size - probably 13 ounces on each board).

I'll post a picture of the finished product tomorrow - I still have to pull a shift at work, but I plan on grinding down the laps, correcting any air bubbles (I just went out to check on the boards and I saw a few offgas pockets) and then getting the boxes mounted, box patch and final bottom laminate all placed on.  Should be a few hours of work in the garage.  After tomorrow, I'll only have to drill a couple of holes - one for the leash plug and the other for a vent plug (OFFGASSING BLANKS... sometimes I wonder why I even bother with EPS blanks), install said plugs and brush on a fill coat on the top deck (let cure) and a fill coat on the bottom deck.  These boards will be wet for sure next weekend (I'll be good and let them cure a bit in my autoclave of a garage before taking them out).

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