Thursday, March 7, 2019

First Session on the Slingshot Infinity 76 FSurf

There was finally some waves breaking at the beach - and even though the wind was up (windsurf foiling) - I decided to go surf foiling instead.  I got up several times, but each ended in a severe bucking.  The board even got airborne a couple of times (yikes).

Looking at this design, there is actually some really good design points - especially with regards to the rear wing.  The shim looks like it will take the brunt of any bottom hits - instead of the rear wing tip.

After I was drying off at the truck, I realized that perhaps I need to bolt the pedestal on towards the way back of the board.  This front wing has enough surface area to lift me easily - I just need more control now.  Compared to the foil I built, this wing is about 25% larger (by eyeball estimate).  I can definitely feel the response in the lift it delivers.

Yup - I'll jam this all the way back the next time I go out.  That should reduce the bucking.

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