Tuesday, April 9, 2019

This is What Too Small Looks Like

This past Saturday, Marlon and I went to get some small surf action.  It was so small, Marlon decided to stay on the beach...  I couldn't help myself and decided the 5'2" and Go Foil Maliko 200 needed to get wet.  Since the waves were super small, every wave seemed to be a party wave - not a good thing when you are on a foil

I ended up catching ten or so waves - but only rode two on foil.  The others ended up in humbling wipeouts and even a couple of close calls (falling safely is an art).  Of the two I did ride upright, one was decent (until a longboarder decided to turn towards me - I did not want anyone to get hurt so I bailed).  I did appreciate the very high mushy tide - but Friday evening was a better foiling day.

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