Thursday, July 4, 2019

Right Back at It

Fresh on the heels of finishing Marlon's Longboard, I feel compelled to knock out another board.  This is the 4'10" skinny template (on the left) and the 4'10" wide (4'10"c)

The wide version is what I decided to build.  This is the foam donor (got it free from a guy wanting to get out of wavesailing).

Here is the template laid out on the bottom deck - it just barely fits.  I'll probably opt to use a planer to get the rails trimmed.

This will involve some foam splicing as I'll have to remove some hardware (mast track box, EPS vent, foot strap screws)

I'll place slight cuts in the bottom deck rails - not the deep 45 degree ones that a lot of the manufacturers are using.  Once I get the old composite material off, this one should got fast.

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