Sunday, January 12, 2020

Dawn Patrol - 12 January

Forecast called for another day of rideable surf coming up from the south.  Almost a repeat of yesterday, minus the heavy wind (overcast, rainy, waist high surf inside, chest high outside).

Riding was challenging again - though I did ride more waves than yesterday.  It helped to have the 4'10" foil board and the Armstrong CF1600 out.  This foil is really smooth while riding and as I've said before, the onset of lift is more controllable than the original Go Foils (I still love the Go Foils so don't take this as negative criticism on those - this is just a favorable note on the Armstrong).

I think the chop was the reason it was hard to pick up decent takeoffs.  The surface was really disorganized and probably moving in a different direction than the lower water levels beneath the surface.  Regardless of the conditions - I was happy just to be out in the water and it was bonus points to get some long, fun rides!

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