Friday, January 24, 2020

Shrinking Swell - 1/24/2020

Marlon and I hit it again - the swell is definitely dying back - smaller and less consistent, but still super fun!  I brought the 5'2" and the Go Foil Iwa - this combo is so much fun!!!  There was zero wind and the tide was going down from a small high of 0.7'.  I'm glad I got the front wing collars on the 24.5" and the 29.5" masts synchronized (so the wings are interchangeable) - the Iwa on a 24.5" (+3" for the track mount adaptor) is just so much fun to ride.

Marlon and I were using the same GoPro - I think I did a better job ;)

And there was yet another Green Flash sunset (fourth one I've seen this week)

Another awesome session!

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