Monday, February 17, 2020

Anoiting the Viking - 2/17/2020

And of course I had to paddle this board today.  The swell was still pushing so there was energy to ride inside and out.  The tide was low and the wind was still up.

The board paddles easy (no surprise here) and it doesn't feel like an 11' board.  I wanted to test the low end first so I paddled for a small wave on the inside.  Again - no surprise - caught with ease and glided forever.  First wave!

Then I paddled to the outside to see what this board could do on the top end.  I caught three chest high waves on the outside and rode them all the way to the inside.  I put my Hobie F Curve 9" fin in forward of the midpoint in the fin box - it felt good.

It looked like there might have been a green flash - but I didn't see it.  The GoPro is really far away when you mount it on the nose.

This is definitely a board to use when the tide is too low to foil and the crowd is thick.  I am looking forward to summer with this board!

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