Thursday, February 20, 2020

Evening Session on The Viking - 2/20/2020

The wind was way up, but I figured I needed to paddle to shake off the stress.  The swell was waist high - so nothing really to complain about.  The tide was pretty low, so I brought out the Viking (I would have brought it out even if it was a high tide - it's a new board).

This board is a wave catching machine.  I haven't pearled, but the waves haven't been big enough to dig the nose in - I just make sure to adjust my fore and aft positioning before committing to the paddle.

This is the first time I've had room at the back of a board to set the Go Pro behind me.  When I looked back, the camera had nothing but spray on it - I guess I was lucky to get this picture.

This board is awesome!  And it really doesn't feel like an 11' board...

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