Tuesday, January 27, 2009

GoPro Hero Mounted

A few pictures to contemplate...

The first is a picture of the GoPro camera mounted on my Kialoa paddle. I finally got to read the instructions - pretty simple to operate and download pictures. I am looking forward to hitting some waves with this rig!!!

The next picture is the back of my Pathfinder. You can tell a lot about a person from what they have in the back of their vehicle - you all already know I am a surfer, but this should erase any residual doubt. 3/2 O'Neil wetsuit with hood, old booties, 3 one gallon orange juice jugs filled with freshwater (portable shower and board rinser - this place ain't like the aina where there was a freshwater shower plumbed at almost all the breaks), 2 SUP paddles, longboard leash, shortboard leash, surfwax, wetsuit bags (to keep the inside of the truck from stinking like SOCAL saltwater), a folding beach chair, beach tent and last but not least - a bag of fishing tackle.

Kanaloa approves of the my equipment and equipment hauler.


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