Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday Afternoon Popper Action

Marlon and I decided to try our luck again this afternoon. We also decided to try out the poppers we made this past Winter. We setup our seiryu and keiryu (reel-less flyrods softer and stiffer than tenkara rods respectively) rods and had a blast watching the bluegill, largemouth bass and crappie explode on the poppers!!! Best action ever at the old fishing hole!!! I got three bluegill to hand and a LMB. I had about 10 other strikes and Marlon got excited seeing the fish stalk the multicolored poppers. I did lose one (tippet broke at the flyline knot) and we watched as the fish kept randomly attacking the popper for the rest of the afternoon. I am going make some more of these, but I'll try to get some even smaller ones made up - most of the splashing came from the smaller, more aggressive fish that attacked the fly multiple times, but just couldn't get the fly in it's mouth.

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