Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Land Yacht

Yesterday was my last day working in the Navy. Today I start my permissive TDY (job finding and house hunting leave) and terminal leave (my built up leave). I go off active duty at the end of August, so between then and now my priorities are as follows: relax and spend time with the family (making up for lost time on deployments/unaccompanied tours); flyfish; surf; prepare the house for the packers; find a job; start looking for a house. A major part of this is where the heck we will put our heads at night. This move, especially since we don't know how long it will be or where we will end up, is positioned to be the most chaotic one yet. That was until yesterday. My first official act (or act in general) in my non-working mode was to go and pick up a used camper trailer. Now we don't have to worry about what hotel we are going to stay in, or which friend's house we are going to crash at, and staying at a campground is way more affordable on a fixed income. The other reason we are doing this is to make sure we can adjust to a life aboard a smaller living space (i.e. a liveaboard catamaran) - doing this on land is a way cheaper way to determine if we can get along with less stuff and live in a more confined space. And when you really break it all down, the truck cab space is the helm and engine room, the truck bed is hull and hold storage space, the trailer when opened is the interior (and external) living space - this is our big catamaran distilled down to the basics (just in a terrestrial form). The camper towed very easily. I even had to drive through two thunderstorms with really gusty winds. It didn't even strain the engine. I have visions of waking up next to a surf break in my head - we are going to have an awesome time with this trailer!!! Technically, if we are treating this as a boat, we need to name it, but La and I have not discussed that yet - I am for the name "Sabbatical". Oddly enough, we're going to store the trailer in the garage until we depart... I just cleared the garage and now I have something bigger to jam in there...

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