Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tuesday - The Action is Heating Up!!!!

I fished with the Nissin Nagare 39-44 and the Epic 480. I used some flies I equipped with weed guards, but they got eaten whole by the local tree gang. I did catch a few largemouth, a couple of black crappie and several bluegill. Always a good time fishing this lake! The notable catch today were the crappie. They came up out of the murky depths, snatched the fly as it was being stripped along and with a subtle arc of the body, back down they went. Seeing the flash was all the warning I was given. As I realized these were crappie, I resisted a regular set and went super light. These guys would have been more fun on one of my soft 3wt flyrods, but this 4wt can push a line into the wind better than the 3wts. Give and take - give and take. Oh - and I got a bunch of my tan back ;) See you later winter!!!

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