Friday, September 12, 2014

Fishing Report 9/11/2014 Part 1

Took the Hooked SUP paddleboard out this morning to Dutton Island (off Mayport Road). I was hoping to catch some tailing redfish on the fly, but alas - the universe deemed it was not the day to do so. The cuts made by the tidal flows were pretty cool - like a maze of spartina grass. A lot to see for the observant - including this manatee. I was out for 4 hours and I saw tons of finger mullet, a bunch of needlefish and only got a couple of follows from something I couldn't identify (murky water). I did get a shot a a smaller sheepshead and a burrfish - I saw they snacking on the snails and crabs that crawl up the grass during the high tides. For a first time out, I'd say this was a good recon (I'll take the skunk). I'm going to have to tie up some flies that look like these crabs.

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