Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fishing Report 9/28/2014

We went to the beach to fish today. I started out with the surf rod, but after not getting any bites for a while (nobody was, and there were more than a few people out fishing), I switched to the flyrod. I tied on a blue "surf candy" type epoxy head fly that was made using blue yard - I had those needlefish targeted... I had one take the fly and get it's teeth caught up in the yarn - I got it to the beach and just as I was going to pick it up and get the fly out of it's mouth, it let go and swam off (leaving me high and dry without a picture of fish in hand). I know what type of fly to use now, so I'll rectify the issue and get a photo of one taken on the fly. I also know that these are 'needlefish' and that most people think of them as a waste of time. I like to think of them as opportunities when other fish that chase flies are not around. While I was on the rocks, I saw a ton of finger mullet swimming in the surfline. I wasn't going to stop flyfishing for those, but I did stop for the school of large ones I saw bunkered down near the rocks. I went back to where I left my gear, grabbed the cast net (good thing I fixed that net yesterday...) and asked the kids if they wanted to check out what I was about to do. I netted seven good sized mullet in the first (and only) throw to that big mullet school. I gave the net to Marlon and he was able to get two nets full!!! Good day at the beach!!!

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