Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Catching - ALMOST!!!

I decided to get schooled again, I mean go flyfishing this morning. Saw lots of life on the flat - urchins (collector/pincushion, ina/rock borer, vana/ouchie pokie), some triangular rocks (large snails), and BONEFISH!!! I saw about 20 in total, but they were big ones and way smart. I did predict correctly where a pack of three would go, and I got one to take the crab fly - but I couldn't get the hook set... Murphy is riding my back.... BUT THIS WAS NOT THE "ALMOST" Oyster party!!! I did get a couple of fish to hand, but not by the hook. This guy looked like it had a bad date with an ulua (giant trevally) - pretty dazed and confused. I just corralled it and picked it up. I think it is an aweoweo (Hawaiian Big Eye), but it was really pale, not red. This one was just plain dead. Ladyfish (big one too). I also saw a few tangs and a couple of boxfish fighting. There was even a guest appearance from a blacktip. Good day on the water (oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARLON!!!!)

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