Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Fill Coat and Sanding

I got both fill coats on yesterday evening - pretty uneventful, but I could tell there would be some low points and highs to deal with during samding.

And this evening I got the 60-80-120 sanding done.  For the 60 I used the grinder in sander mode.  I should have used the Milwaukee since it has speed control.  For the 80 and 120 passes I used the trusty random orbital sander.  HOLY CRAP - WHERE DID MY HAIR GO????

I'm going to have to place another fill coat to "correct" some of the deeper cuts from the grinder, and to fill in the "lows" that remained after sanding.  There are also some voids along the finboxes that I should open up and fill.  I'll do all this tomorrow after work (get the fill coat on.

After that and the subsequent sanding, I'll end up spray painting the top deck of the board for protection from the sun, fixing the labels, coating with clear coat, installing the leash plug, sticking on the rear foot deck pad and calling it good.

Here's where I left off today.

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