Saturday, June 8, 2013

ULI Fat Ass Quad Fishing and the Great Debate

In my last post, I described this quandary I was having regarding a proper fishing SUP platform, and that I was considering procuring an Aguera Hooked SUP. Well I had a little snag in that process - I saw yet another board to consider. The irony is that last night I did manage to sell one of the two boards I am trying to shed - the Naish Glide 14 - and the "other" board is an ULI 14' Race. I am now actively debating what our quiver of SUPs should look like and which of these boards I will end up getting in the short term (ULI 14' Special Edition Race, or the Aguera Hooked SUP). With my brain actively considering where we'll be in the next few years, and what boards would augment those projected moves, I stumbled on the fact that I already have a wide-butt board - my 9'3" ULI Fat Ass Quad. I even had 4 D-rings installed on it when I ordered it to hold a fishing basket... I took it out for a spin this afternoon and with the tally at 2 LMBs hooked but not brought to hand (head shaking hook toss), 5 other LMB brought in, 6 BGs of various sizes and a couple more missed, I would say the board works just fine! The weight of the fishing basket actually helped flatten the nose rocker ever so slightly. I do not think the much shorter length of the FAQ referenced to the Hooked SUP is going to be a disadvantage - the fishing spots around here are not distance oriented - I think the only downside is less front to back stability and a little more effort required if the fishing spot is further away. So almost by default, I think I'll be refilling the gap in the quiver I just opened up when I let the Glide go to a new home - I've got a few days more to contemplate everything (like maybe I need to buy some other stuff instead like a new 78" paddle... It never ends until you're done or you become enlightened huh?

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