Friday, June 13, 2014

Fishing Report 6/12/2014

I went fishing for about an hour yesterday - the rain has been coming down and it has raised the water levels at Lake Newport considerably. The drainage culvert at the base of the dam had a lot of flow going through it (drains out to Lake Anne downstream/across the street - Baron Cameron). I brought out the Epic 480 and the Airflo DT4 again. I did manage to get one medium sized bluegill, but the rest of the takes were the small ones born last year. These little guys are the most aggressive takers also - lots of fun watching them try to out compete each other for a fly that looks like a chewed-up, beat-up, spit out bug. Good fun even though the session was a short one. On the return trip, I saw a bunch more of these dragonfly shucks - looks like it was an awesome party when these guys emerged!!!

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