Saturday, June 7, 2014

Fishing Report 6/7/2014

Saturday morning flyfishing at Goose Creek. I brought the Yomogi 7'0" 3 piece 3wt and the SA Supra DT3F line. The water was still a tad high to fish this place easily (lower water tends to concentrate the fish better - especially the bass), but definitely WAY lower than the last time I was here (epic flood conditions). The Yomogi is a rod that forces you to cast well. When you dial it in, it is a wonderful partner. If you are sloppy with your casting, it makes you look like the village idiot. "Catching some rays" - yeah that's corny but I am on sabbatical and very happy - expect the corniness to increase exponentially. I started catching these small pumpkinseeds early on, but eventually I found the hole where these huge redbreast sunfish slabs (thanks for the ID Chris B) were hiding out. I pulled these guys almost every cast for a solid 30 minute period - they pulled like tractors and put serious bend in the yomogi! Check out the turquoise coloring on the flank... really cool fish! Look at those round bellies!!! These are well fed fatties!!! Super fun fishing session!!!

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