Monday, June 2, 2014

Trailer Shakedown Cruise

We towed the trailer down to Virginia Beach to see what we needed to do to get set for the summer. We now have our list of things we need to move from the house to the trailer. We tried out all the systems except the water and sewer hook ups. AC, refrigeration, electrical, tires (except the spare - we're going to need a new one), and folding mechanisms are all good to go. La was actually impressed with the cleanliness of the interior. I'll have to play around with the hitch height - I think a 2" drop is what I'll settle in with. I'll also be looking to get some air shocks for the rear to counter the squat. This was great practice for getting a boat later on. Living in the trailer for a bit will also tell us if we are compatible with life in tighter quarters. Should be a good summer!!!

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