Sunday, June 7, 2015

Bait Fueled Saturday

Bait definitely works better than lures. I caught a coronet fish, a roi (peacock grouper), a papio and a snapper (no picture). This coronet fish was actually putting up a fight - it was swimming backwards and thrashing it's head. The roi was real small... These fish are labeled as invasive so the thought of killing it crossed my mine - but then my values kicked in (don't kill unless you're going to eat it). Also - the fear of contracting ciguatera is limiting my reef fish intake. So this guy lives... It has been a while since I've caught a papio - my rig was close enough for me to see this guy take, so there wasn't much of a fight (better for the fish - swim off strong and live to fight another day). I'd fish with bait more, but I can't get the dead squid smell washed off. But it sure is fun! Also of note - these guys were taken on a low tide (note for me so I can be more efficient with my time - "don't go at the peak of high tide dumbo").

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