Monday, March 29, 2010

Blank Number Three

This is the light wind kiteboard. Not a racing board, not a surfing board, but a board for those days when I could put up a bigger kite - but why?

Why not cruise and relax?

Why not take it easy and don't worry whether my speed is enough to keep the board from submerging?

This board is based off a bunch of things I've seen in the past

- Jeff Timpone's early kiteboards
- The NPS racing boards (the newer ones, not the older ones)
- The Airush Sector
- and some of my own thoughts on what a board that will be used on lighter wind days should look like

This is a fat, stubby pig that is being designed to fly!!!

This one is polyurethane, so it won't be as light as an EPS blank. And I'll be armoring the top with bamboo veneer and a good deck pad to prevent pressure dings (2 layers of 4 oz glass on top of the bamboo and a layer of 6 underneath in the foot bed area should be more than enough to prevent pressure dings - I'll use a 4 + 6 schedule on the bottom for strength on the bottom).

This will be a quad.

I'll skin this one tomorrow and get it to the point where I have the center thickness close to final.

The kids mini-SUBs will be much easier to shape (no skinning - I love EPS!!!)

I want to knock out the shaping of these three boards before the big ones show up. The big SUP blanks are starting their journey East (called Pau Hana Surf Supply today and they are in shipping now - should be another week).

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