Thursday, August 9, 2018

Jumping Around

Traffic on the way home has been really bad this week.  That is limiting what effort I can put into the foil.  But I did manage to do some work on it yesterday, as well as some other related projects.  First up was trimming some lumber to become fuselages for the kitefoil.

Since I had the miter saw out, I went ahead and cut a 1/4" dowel in 1.5" pieces for joining the fuselage-mast-base plates together.  And I also cut the d-cell planks to the size required for use as reinforcement blocks for the mast track boxes.

Here they are - enough for five boxes (I'll need to make another set shortly - I've got three boards planned out - but this is easy compared to sanding out the foil parts).

And lastly, I downloaded Aku Shaper to pump out some new templates.  I've got a 5'2" and a 5'6" already templated!

There are times when I think it would be easier and faster if I just went to the surf shop and bought a foil board and a foil.  But then I remember I get to teach two kids how to make boards, about composites, and then we all get to ride boards that we made with our own two hands.  That is why I'm doing this.

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