Wednesday, August 8, 2018


Against my better judgment, I have just become committed to shaping two prone foil boards.  This is a 11'2" (Model B) 1.5# density EPS blank from Fiberglass Hawaii.  The darn thing barely fit inside the Odyssey.

My plan is to split it right in half and shape something between 5'0" and 5'6".  Probably going for 3.5" thick and flat as I can possibly get it.  22" to 23" wide.  These boards are only to get the foil lifting, so paddling speed and release from the water surface are the design targets.  The thickness and width are such that paddling speed is maximized (planning surface, minimized rocker and overall volume), and squared off rails will enhance release.

Now I need to build a couple of shaping racks and grab a couple of buckets of sand...

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