Sunday, April 5, 2009

SUPing this morning

I took the Walden out this morning. After contemplating between C Street and Silver Strand, I ended up surfing the north end of Oxnard Beach Park (parked in the neighborhood this time so it was FREE!!!).

Nice light offshores blowing kept the shape pretty close to perfect (for pounding beach break - there were right openings that gave good, decent length rides before closing close in).

I had several good ones before the offshores started keeping me from making the drops. Here is the weak point of all spoon-round-squared nose boards - surface area for the wind and wave-face upward driven air (the same air pelicans use to "surf" or get ground effect from) gets caught in nose and keeps you from catching waves. The next board I build will be a SUP specifically for getting down the face in these conditions (and built to take the punishment).

Oxnard always seems to be bigger than C Street on the same swell. But, it isn't as nice and peely. I paid for the waves today in battle scars in the paddle and board, and mother ocean now has a cool water resistant beanie to keep her ears warm on those cold air mornings. I really liked that hat...

The one picture included that isn't of me surfing has a dolphin playing through.


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April said...

Cool pics! D'you strap on a camera to your paddle? Liked the dolphin.

Check out Shichi's "yesterday" pics... did you see that one guys board? Looks like a razor thing piece of wood... cool.

I heard 'bout MS. You can still kie board in the gulf, right?

take care... oh, d'you hear... we're expecting no. 4! Yes - now we're done. -Ryan