Sunday, May 24, 2009

2-fer Today!!!

La was excessively generous to me today -

I got to SUP-surf C-Street this morning. Got more than my fair share of waves - not that I was being a wave hog - more that the waves better suited the shorter SUPs. I tried out some fins I had in reserve - a 6" hatchet in the center box and larger fins (VF2 F4s) in the thruster positions AND WHOA!!!! Talk about ripping!!!

Made me think hard about the potential of the Walden (SUP) (I was thinking about selling it to make another SUP or to get a board with less nose and less waist - all in the name of ripping!). I was able to crank much harder roundhouses with these fins - I RIP!!!!

Ran some errands in between sessions, then Mondos for an early afternoon surf. Awesome break for beginners and just playing around. Real mellow surfers. Unfortunately while parking, I backed up over a beer bottle someone had left in the road - shredded my rear starboard tire - so I had to install the flat (and lost out on the best surf at the break - what followed was still good, but not as good as what was there as I pulled up...).

Nice day of surf!!!

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Lala said...

Yeah, and when I'm learning how to sail our trimaran, you and the kiddos will be left behind on the shore playing happily in the sand...while I rip it up in the wind...blah! :)