Thursday, May 21, 2009

Diving Day

Training day pierside.

Any chance to jump in the water makes the day better.


On another note - minishreadzilla is not doing so well - I majorly messed up the centerfin box - so bad there was a meltdown. I'm going to have to graft in some new foam to fix it.

Minishreadzilla has been a tremendous exercise in patience... but the twinzer setup does look sweet!!!

The class I'm giving is moving along. I'm trying to get everyone through so I can focus on other things (my family and spending time with them in our last days in southern California, finishing some deliverables I have for work and I'm getting the bug to relearn the ukulele, and maybe some kiting...). The first student has his finboxes in and his bottom deck laminated. Two others are finishing their paint jobs - ready to cut boxes and get to lamination. The fourth is rapidly coming through the rough shaping and the last is way behind - so behind I may have to start shaping his board for him. Anyways...

Pictures tomorrow.

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