Saturday, May 2, 2009

Final Shaping and Painting

The board shaping class continues.

Two boards have been painted. The last one in the current group is fine sanding now.

Graphic labels need to emerge from inkjet printers (probably early next week) and then sometime mid-next week, we'll have a field trip to Fiberglass Hawaii (in Ventura) to buy finboxes, fiberglass and resin.

As far as the two I'm working on - I spackled them yesterday. The EPS SUP needed it - some chunks missing just because it's EPS, but a few other areas that needed filling. I just touched up the polyurethane 6'7" for the heck of it since I had extra spackle.

I still have to make a template for the bamboo veneer, laminate the bamboo, trim to the template, paint the bottom and rails, bag the bamboo to the top deck, place all the boxes and plugs and finally glass the rest of the board. Sounds like work, but in reality, it's tremendously therapeutic.

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