Monday, October 5, 2009

More Seacart 30

It is still raining here (even harder than before).

With the lightning, I can't even go to the pool at the gym to workout. La and the kids are joking about my waist, but even I can tell I'm gaining a bit.

That's ok - more ballast for the windward rail!!!!

In keeping with the foul weather posts, here's another Seacart 30 picture. Flying two hulls on a boat this big????!!!! Well - the maxi-tris are much bigger, but they aren't meant to be sailed/owned by the masses (conglomerates/uber-rich/etc). With this, even the not so rich can have Ridiculous fun!!! I read a story last night on line about how one of these finally capsized - a full on pitchpole maneuver. A rhib with a big engine just pulled it back on its feet - no worse for the event.

The company is now producing an E-glass/epoxy version (I think they are still cooking it in the autoclave - just not using as much carbon fiber), equipped with folding akas/amas. We're still several years out from getting our next boat, but man this one gets my blood boiling....

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