Sunday, November 8, 2009

Roger's Farrier

On the way to go kiting today, we passed by the Long Beach Yacht Club and the trimaran I've seen was being hitched to a truck. Turns out Hurricane Ida is headed North and will hit somewhere between here and Panama City, FL. The LBYC asked everyone to move their boats out of the area and that's how I met Roger.

We stopped by and talked to the owner (Roger) for awhile about his boat. It's a Farrier 28, built in 1998 and it's in great shape.

I told him we have a Weta and that we often launch from the eastern part of the LBYC. Turns out he has been sailing multihulls extensively and with age, he's turned from his Nacra 5.8 to this F28 to keep the thrills up without the drenching/pitchpoling/hull hauling factors that the cats give.

He invited me to crew for him one day - I left him my card and hopefully we'll go sailing soon!!!

This is one of the boats I've been eyeing to get once we plant roots. Having a chance to crew one will be awesome!

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