Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Go Team GOOOOOO!!!!!

I don't watch sports on TV (because I live in the US of A and they don't televise sailing, surfing, kitesurfing, or windsurfing as sports in this country), but I will be watching the 33rd America's Cup online!

Not too hard to guess which side I'm routing for...

This picture says it all to me. Technology, water, human ingenuity, what the possibilities are if you have a bank account that you cannot possibly spend down in your lifetime, and the drive to see water parting as you move across it at ridiculous speeds.

Do yourself a favor - on Sunday, get some carrot sticks and some lowfat veggie dip to eat as you watch the Superbowl. This game comes once a year, every year. Truthfully, the teams aren't even that good. Save the chicken wings and beers for a real contest - one won through skill and determination. No I'm not talking about the regatta - I'm talking about the damn litigation this race is still stuck in!!!!

With all the money that has been thrown at this contest, I bet the syndicates have spent more on the lawyer fees than on the boats..

I'm still hopeful the racing will start next week.

Fair winds -

Photo credit to the BMW Oracle photographer.

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