Sunday, April 25, 2010

National Naval Aviation Museum

We needed to pick up La's longboard from the ding repair shop yesterday, so we decided to bring the kids to the Aviation Museum at NAS Pensacola.

Before I talk about the museum fun, I will clarify what you just read.

Yes I can fix dings.

If you know my wife, then you know no matter how meticulous I get with a repair, it will never do. This is the same rationale that most wise, happy couples use when embarking on challenging endeavors - learning to snowboard/ski/windsurf/kite/golf/you name it - in order to preserve the health and quality of the relationship, the partner in the know who would take the role of instructor, or in this case, ding repair guy, would rather pay a professional to avoid the potential of conflict centering around the issue at hand. SO - this was never about whether or not I could repair a ding - it was completely about not having to live up to the impossible standards that La has with her longboard.

Now back to the museum -

This is probably the 5th time I've been to this museum. A lot of old memories - but more importantly, a lot of new ones! The kids (especially Marlon) had a great time! As we were going back through for a second pass to pay more attention to the things we couldn't get enough of the first time, a fire alarm went off and we had to call it.

Next time we come back, we'll bring the trimaran and rip it up in the waterways around the base (perfect setup)!

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