Saturday, May 8, 2010

Amphibious Saturday

Fun Saturday!!!

UCT 1 is down here in Gulfport supporting Seabee Day and conducting other business. I can't turn down any opportunity to dive (and didn't even though the water was more than a little bit green). HOOYAH Seabee Divers!

Then, without much turnaround, it was off to Long Beach Harbor for yet another race on Roger Evans' F28. Four boats raced today and we came in second only by a few boat lengths (and a few minutes based on corrections).

For the record - MONOHULLS SUCK! Why sail slow when you can BLAST! Check out the spray flying off the starboard ama!!!

We started about 35 minutes behind the other boats (staggered start based on correction factor) and after having to go downwind on the first leg (not a trimarans favorite point of sail), we ate up the course on the second (nearly a beam reach) and third (close reach) legs. Got up to 14 kts (my GPS ran out of battery power, but that was the highest speed I got) on a NE-N-NW breeze.

Saw more than a few dolphins - and NO OIL. I'm not going to talk about it for fear of jinxing the Coast....

Tomorrow is Mother's Day!!! If the weather cooperates, SUPing! Stay tuned!

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